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A textile project which was created by using an impromptu style hand printing method to apply multilayer prints. This is accomplished by rotating a single square silkscreen pattern at a 90 degrees angle and to 180 degrees in order to expand colors and design.  Although the directions or color variations randomly change per author and the overall pattern shifts as it goes, the original design pattern of the artwork can be considered as a unit and could be thought of as a day, or an hour, a minute, a second, or just a stream of ordinary days as the design echoes.  

Miwa learned about the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 while she was studying far away in a school overseas. The ordinary peaceful comments she observed on the social network pages she had assumed would be there before going to bed vanished, and in the morning she woke up shocked by the complete alteration.

The textile patterns are similar to our everyday lives.  Both seem to be monotonous or repetitious, yet continue on forever, and in so doing, are carving a unique rhythm.  In the end, they both randomly form a one of a kind expression.  This project reflects the change of a mindset, where there are no days that are exactly the same.

Through this technique, Miwa discovered a new attribute of patterns that are capable of expanding in every angle not limited to a surface.  Small bits of everyday life are never-ending sources of imagination for Miwa. Her artwork arrives to the audience and stories are layered on, one after another. The “Storytelling Patterns” live on to tell the stories on a surface, in space and into a domain of memory. 

Everyday (story)

as usual days, but special days.
Today seems like the same as usual days.
But, in fact, there is nothing the same day in a usual day.
Today is somewhere different from yesterday or tomorrow.
Today’s sunrise came at 3:46. Tomorrow’s comes at 3:44.
It will come at 3:35 in a week.
Everyday is made up of such days.
Such days lengthen into weeks, weeks into months,
and months into years.

Associated Project:Everyday_AEveryday_B

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