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Exhibits of Drawing Session for Everyone! Let’s Chat with ○△□!

A unique exhibition that showcases the artworks that was created during the artist workshop program, “Drawing Session for Everyone! Let’s Chat with ○△□!” which was held at the National Art Center Tokyo. A textile was exhibited at the first floor lobby area that was digitally printed with the creative work derived from the group drawing session. Some parts were cut out or blacked out during the workshop to create button badges, sharing the stories of the production process to the exhibition audience and leaving room for curiosity and imagination as to what was drawn there.

For the National Art Center Tokyo
Title: Drawing Session for Everyone! Let’s chat with ○△□!
Venue: First Floor Lobby of The National Art Center
Date: April 19th to May 14th, 2018
Photographer: Hiroyoshi Koyama 
Associated Project: Drawing Session with Everyone! Let’s Chat with ○ △ □!

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