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JAM -Art project for St. Göran Hospital in Stockholm-

A hospital art project implemented for the reconstruction of an emergency ward in Saint Görans Hospital in Sweden. Miwa won the competition in 2013 after presenting a proposal based on the theme “communication”, and she completed the artwork in April 2016. In a hospital where communication plays a significant role, her concept was chosen from approximately 200 applicants around the world. The concept involves dialogue that adds a storyline to the art production. There are two parts to this production process. First, a dialogue workshop is held inviting the hospital crew. Then, the surface patterns are created using the artwork obtained from the workshop. Ultimately the completed pattern was applied to glass surfaces and partitions in the hospital, and further developed into ceramic works installed in hallways and staircase landings.

The pattern artwork arranged on the ceramic art is composed of secondary impressions and repeated images of the original artwork that symbolizes a unit. This unit may represent a second, a day, a year or even a person, interpretation and meaning is manifest by the person who passes by. The artworks seem so similar yet different, feels so unique yet a likeness is apparent, and the concept was created in hopes for an observer to discover something new from these patterns every time they are observed. The supervisor of the project at the hospital later shared a reflection on the collaboration, and observed that the artworks and the stories about the design process both function as a great communication tool among the crew, patients and visitors. Moreover, it was remarked that the design concept of this project diffused throughout the hospital, creating a sound harmony. The collective result was meaningful project where the designer-artist contributed uniquely to a great cause.

Title: JAM -Art project for St. Göran Hospital in Stockholm-
Year: 2016
Artwork: Miwa Akabane + St. Göran Hospital
Contributor (Ceramic Plate Production): Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Photographers: Per Mannberg (First Photograph) and Hironori Tsukue 

Associated Project: ○△□ DRAWING WORKSHOP in JAM, St.Göran Hospital
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