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Hospital with Design Exhibition

The Hospital with Design Exhibition was based on the theme “Creative Ideas for Medical Care”, inspired by Swedish practices, a culture that was an early adopter of hospital art. Miwa served as a member of the executive committee and initiated the project from the planning stage.  The exhibition introduced the production process of the hospital art project with the designation, “JAM”, which was carried out in the reconstruction of the emergency ward of the Saint Göran Hospital in Sweden. The reinstitution of the workshop was held under the same concept in Kyoto Renaiss Hospital, and the patterns of works created during the workshop were presented there. During the exhibition, a talk session was also held, inviting medical professionals, designers and artists.

HOSPITAL with DESIGN Exhibition

Date: July 19th to 25th, 2017
Talk Session:  July 22nd and 23rd , 2017 (AXIS Gallery)
Venue:  Symposia, AXIS 
Organizer: Hospital with Design Exhibition Executive Committee
Grants: Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Support by:  Embassy of Sweden
Sponsor: Kyoto Renaiss Hospital
Contributors: AXIS Gallery, Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Co., Ltd., Capio Saint Görans Hospital, SUN-AD Co., Ltd., Suntory Holdings Limited, Stockholm Country Council, TSUMUGU BROTHERS INC., Nakagawa Chemical Inc., Heiwa Paper Co., Ltd., Maharam and YAMADA PHOTO PROCESS CO., LTD.  (listed in alphabetical order)
Associated Project: JAM -Art project for St. Göran Hospital in Stockholm-
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