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JAM #02

Pattern art was created as a part of the JAM Project and in collaboration with the crew of the Kyoto Lunez Hospital.
The JAM Project is a project by Miwa Akabane, who creates surface patterns based on an artwork that was created from the “drawing of dialogue” workshop. In a drawing session with three shapes: circle, triangle, and square, the workshop participants must utilize shapes without using words in order to discover one’s self from the differences that exist between each individual, the spread of ideas born from constraints, and the fun of modeling by chance.

Title: JAM #02
Year: 2017
Artwork: Miwa Akabane + Kyoto Renaiss Hospital
Contributor (Ceramic Plate Production): Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Isamu Uehara (SUN-AD)
Associated Project: ○△□ DRAWING WORKSHOP in JAM #02

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