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walking waking dream

“interpretation of two spaces in a single pattern”
Under the theme “daydream”, an installation was created that links the world of unconscious dreams to the reality of daily lives. The repetitive pattern is reminiscent of a daily routine that seems to continue forever in a monotonous rhythm, but at the same time somehow suggests a hidden aspect of a uniquely formed rhyme.  The contrasting side appears animated and lively, particularly in moments of chance, like when the wind passes by and the cloth sways, illustrating the truth that any common day can be filled with accidents and unpredictable events.
The material that the pattern artwork is drawn on is a typical flyer from supermarkets that can be found in a common mailbox on any given day. By cutting out these flyers, Miwa illustrated mysterious animals and plants that are only seen in sleep, and creatures native only to the realm of dream. The textile made out of this pattern is layered and represents the light and the shadow found in our common everyday scene.

walking waking dream (story)

I napped for a while this afternoon.
Today’ s dream was different from yesterday’ s.
But already, I cannot recall what I dreamt of today.
Now is already past.

Title: walking waking dream — two space interpretations of single pattern
Project: Pattern design, Print textile, Installation 2011
Associated Project: walking waking dream
Group exhibition
“I wait behind the factory gates – for you to finish off the shift”
Date: October 26th to November 13th

Venue: Färgfabriken,Stockholm

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