Miwa is interested in stories evoked by dialogue, unexpected occurrences and situations that do not fit in the standard pre-arranged framework.  She conducts workshops as a part of the design process and creates opportunities to explore the possibilities of pattern design that connect people to other people and situations. 

In the JAM Workshop Series, “drawing of dialogue” workshop is held only using three shapes, circles, triangles and squares, that represents spoken words. When the drawing session begins, participants that came along would join other participants and start creating using common stationeries such as pens, tapes and stickers, as if they were starting up a conversation. The theme of JAM is “communication” itself, which can be thought of as “exchange of perspectives”. It is an exploration of oneself by understanding the differences that exist between each individual, the spread of ideas born from constraints, and the fun of modeling by chance. By substituting the words with ○△□, let’s enjoy the exchange of ideas that does not rely on verbal communication. The workshop may seem like tennis rally or a jazz session that persists while being inspired by the opponent's action. From this experience, the participants will change their perspective a little and realize the richness of non-language communication. The circles, triangles and squares also represent the hand game rock-paper-scissors. No one wins when all signs are used at the same time and Miwa believes that this workshop also represents that there is no winner or loser when all the shapes are used together.

JAM Project is a design process where Miwa creates patterns out of the forms and motif derived from the JAM Workshop. By holding a workshop where many people come together, they share stories and build up the elements to create original patterns. Please contact us if any party is interested in finding out more about pattern art creation via the workshop JAM.



CHRISTMAS TALKING with ○・△・□ for Tohoku University Hospital

Chatting avenue of ○ △ □

Drawing Session with Everyone! Let’s Chat with ○ △ □!

JAM Workshop Series “Dialogue Created by Circles, Triangles and Squares”


Pattern Making Workshop