CHRISTMAS TALKING with ○・△・□ for Tohoku University Hospital

The workshop “CHRISTMAS TALKING with ○ ・ △ ・ □” was held during the 20th edition of the learning programs called “Karada no Kyoshitsu Class” organized by Tohoku University Hospital. In the first half of the session, Miwa introduced the hospital art practices used in Sweden along with a case study of the JAM project that she conducted at St. Göran Hospital. During the second half of the session, she held the JAM Workshop using Christmas colors, where participants take a part in the “drawing of dialogue”, which uses three shapes: circles, triangles, and squares, instead of words.  Interaction through art among the medical crew, including doctors and nurses as well as local community was accomplished successfully.

A series of cards were distributed before this session.  On each of these pre-designed cards, the participants were asked to draw a circle, a triangle and a square that substitutes for words onto them as a part of the remote “drawing of dialogue” session.   The varied input from the participants was greatly appreciated.  At a later date, the cards and the artworks were exhibited as Christmas decorations.

Title: JAM Workshop Series “CHRISTMAS TALKING with ○・△・□”
Date: Thursday, December 5, 2019
Venue: Tohoku University Hospital
Workshop Images provided by Tohoku University Hospital Public Relations Office


Chatting avenue of ○ △ □

Drawing Session with Everyone! Let’s Chat with ○ △ □!

JAM Workshop Series “Dialogue Created by Circles, Triangles and Squares”


Pattern Making Workshop