○△□ DRAWING WORKSHOP in JAM, St.Göran Hospital

A workshop was held within the hospital art project that was implemented to celebrate the emergency ward renovation of the St. Göran Hospital in Sweden.  The project revolved around “communication”, the key element significant to hospital operations.  Under the theme “dialogue”, a drawing workshop with the hospital crew was conducted and a pattern was created from the images that were derived.  The pattern design was created using this two level method and was applied to glass surfaces and partitions in the hospital, and further developed into ceramic works installed in hallways and staircase landings.

Date: October 7th to 8th, 2013
Venue: St. Göran Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden
Target Audience: 21 participants from St. Göran Hospital Emergency Care Crew


CHRISTMAS TALKING with ○・△・□ for Tohoku University Hospital

Chatting avenue of ○ △ □

Drawing Session with Everyone! Let’s Chat with ○ △ □!

JAM Workshop Series “Dialogue Created by Circles, Triangles and Squares”


Pattern Making Workshop