A solo exhibition called “MÖNSTER / PATTERN was held in 2015. Visitors selected their favorite transparent sheets cut into either a circle, triangle, or square shapes and stuck them on the glass windows of the gallery, turning the exhibition into a group art session where they create artwork casually by collaborating randomly with the window art created by the visitors who came before them. In that sense, the bird-like shape on the window could very well be an art piece created unconsciously by random visitors.  During the exhibition period, beautiful patterns were created over and over again by the small changes made by the visitors everyday.  Miwa continues to explore the possibilities of patterns that connect people to other people and situations.

Title:  JAM Workshop Series: “○ △ □ STICKER WORKSHOP”
Date: June 26th to July 12th, 2015
Venue: CASE gallery
Photographer: Isamu Uehara (SUN-AD)
Associated projects: MÖNSTER/PATTERN 2015


CHRISTMAS TALKING with ○・△・□ for Tohoku University Hospital

Chatting avenue of ○ △ □

Drawing Session with Everyone! Let’s Chat with ○ △ □!

JAM Workshop Series “Dialogue Created by Circles, Triangles and Squares”


Pattern Making Workshop