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Pieces of wood, Pieces of daily life,

Even small inconsequential things found in our everyday lives have the potential to become a pattern artwork. Many artists in the past have searched for patterns in wood grains, stone walls, stains, clouds, and sometimes even in artifacts.  One particular day, Miwa discovered some of the fine lines on the surface of a piece of wood that she happened to have in her hands.  Each one of those lines, individually, had distinct singularity because they were a part of the annual growth rings of the tree, and also bore a striking resemblance to the nuance of the whorl of the human fingerprint, the configuration of which are exclusive to one individual. Any grain of wood that looks identical at first glance is uniquely special, like the moments in our everyday lives, which may seem repetitive and mundane but are precious and rare. The piece of wood that she acquired that day was a part of her daily life and her connection to all things, and also the origin of imagination and creation.

Title: Pieces of wood, Pieces of daily life,
Project: Pattern design, Print textile, Installation
Venue: Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012
Date: May 16th to 27th, 2012

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