Miwa Akabane 

Art Director / Graphic Designer / Surface pattern artist

After graduating from Musashino Art University, Miwa was involved in numerous advertising projects, which included working at the Advertising Department of Suntory Holdings Ltd. and at an advertising agency SUN-AD Co., Ltd.  She has decided to pursue her fascination with the stories hidden within textile patterns and went on to study abroad where she earned a Master’s Degree from Sweden’s largest University specializing in art, craft and design called KONSTFACK.  While providing artworks and design for clients which include corporations, commercial facilities, advertisements, books, packages and more, she also develops projects based on the themes and unexpected occurrences brought about by “dialogue”.  She is very passionate about generating and delivering stories that can be found in her art works.  Therefore, she calls her design process “storytelling,” and continues to work on the possibility to connect people to other people and situations.

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